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Local Plumber Case Study

In today’s competitive digital landscape, establishing a strong online presence is crucial for any business. This case study showcases the journey of a local plumbing company that sought to enhance its visibility and attract more customers through strategic SEO efforts. Despite having some initial success with self-implemented SEO, the company realised the need for professional assistance to achieve substantial growth. This study illustrates how a tailored SEO strategy, encompassing both content creation and link building, can significantly improve a business’s online performance. By committing to a consistent and patient approach, the plumbing company was able to see remarkable results, reinforcing the value of perseverance in digital marketing.


A local plumbing company sought to expand its online presence and improve its SEO performance. Prior to engaging with our services, the company had undertaken some SEO activities independently. They were receiving approximately 350 visitors per month and ranking for around 900 keywords. Despite these efforts, it was clear that significant improvements were needed to achieve their goals.


SEO Audit

Upon signing up for our fully managed SEO service, the initial step was to conduct a comprehensive SEO audit. This audit assessed the current website traffic, identified keyword opportunities, examined backlinks, and reviewed anchor text. The findings indicated that, while the plumbing company had a foundation, there was ample room for growth through professional SEO strategies.

Campaign Planning and Execution

1. Content Creation: One of the first actions was to create blog posts targeting keywords “plumbing + service.” The content highlighted the benefits of plumbing services in a home, a topic chosen for its potential to attract visitors interested in this specific service.

2. Link Building: Foundational links were established to enhance the website’s authority. High-performing keywords such as “plumbing + location” were incorporated alongside a guest post focusing on “plumber + location.” These efforts aimed to build a robust backlink profile and improve search engine rankings.


The campaign produced impressive results, although it took longer than the typical three months for significant changes to materialise. The company experienced a notable increase in free traffic, which was valued at £52700—representing the amount they would need to spend on digital ads to achieve the same traffic volume.

Traffic Cost

From May 2023 to 2024, their traffic value increased from approximately £15000 to over £52000. This growth demonstrated the effectiveness of the combined content creation and link-building strategies.


The case of the local plumbing company underscores the importance of patience and consistency in SEO efforts. Initial results may take time, especially for new websites, but the long-term benefits can be substantial. The company’s success story highlights how a well-executed SEO strategy can lead to significant growth in organic traffic and overall online presence.

By staying committed to their SEO campaign and leveraging professional expertise, the plumbing company was able to achieve and exceed its digital marketing goals.


Anton Psak


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