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Travel and Tourism SEO Case Study

In this detailed case study, we’re excited to showcase how our Managed SEO Service propelled a travel and tourism website to the forefront of Google’s first page. Let’s dive in and see how we achieved this remarkable success.


At the heart of our story is a travel website specialising in guided tours. Despite having their in-house content team, the focus of our intervention was primarily on enhancing their link-building strategy.

The journey with our client began when they first opted for our Guest Post packages in August 2023. These initial steps yielded significant growth, encouraging them to escalate their SEO efforts by embracing our Managed SEO in January 2024.

Before partnering with us, the website’s traffic was modest, hovering around 1,900 visitors per month. Fast forward to today, and the website boasts a traffic flow exceeding 24,000 visitors per month—a testament to the efficacy of our SEO strategies.

Travel and Tourism SEO Case Study Traffic

Let’s explore the strategic manoeuvres that led to this outstanding growth.

Conducting the SEO Audit

Initiating Our Managed SEO Services

The commencement of our partnership with any client involves a comprehensive SEO audit. This critical first step allows us to gain a deep understanding of the site’s existing digital footprint.

Audit Focus Areas

Our audit process delves into various aspects, including the site’s current traffic levels, its portfolio of backlinks, and the usage patterns of anchor text, among other factors. We discovered that the site was penalty-free and had a solid foundation, thanks to the diligent efforts of their content team and their consistent approach.

Pre-Managed SEO Efforts

Before our engagement, the site had already been proactive in building links, opting for a selection of 5-15 DA30+ Guest Post links each month. This approach had laid a positive groundwork for further SEO enhancements.

Strategic Adjustments

However, our audit revealed a concentrated focus on exact match anchors in their link-building efforts. Recognising the potential risks of over-optimisation, we prioritised anchor text diversity in our campaign strategy to safeguard the site’s SEO health. This adjustment was aimed at enhancing the site’s resilience against algorithmic penalties and improving its overall SEO performance.

Identifying Quick Win Keywords

Strategy for Swift Gains

A cornerstone of our approach involves identifying opportunities for “quick wins” in keyword rankings. During our preliminary analysis, we discovered 926 keywords that were positioned within ranks 4 to 30—indicating a substantial potential for rapid improvement.

Optimising for Success

This finding was not only promising but also underscored the inherent ranking potential of many of the site’s pages. In collaboration with our client, we prioritised keywords with high search volumes for targeted efforts. Additionally, this analysis served as a valuable resource for pinpointing LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) keywords. These were strategically used as anchor text in our link-building initiatives, further enhancing the site’s SEO profile and propelling it towards top rankings.

Travel and Tourism SEO Case Study Keywords

Exploring Competitive Gaps for Hidden Opportunities

Unearthing Hidden Gems

Our keyword research isn’t just about identifying quick wins; it also involves conducting a thorough competitive gap analysis. This strategy aims to uncover keywords for which your competitors have secured rankings, but your site has yet to target. These keywords are often likened to hidden goldmines due to their untapped potential.

Discovering Untapped Keywords

Through our analysis, we identified 92 such keywords that had been overlooked in your site’s current strategy but were successfully leveraged by competitors. This insight opens up new avenues for content creation and SEO optimisation.

Collaborative Strategy for Content Creation

Typically, insights from competitive gap analysis form the foundation of our content creation strategy. However, recognising the presence of a dedicated content creation team on client end, we opted to share these valuable findings. This empowered client content team to strategically incorporate these keywords into their creation process, further enhancing client site’s competitiveness and visibility in search engine results.

Strategising and Implementing the SEO Campaign

Building on a Solid Foundation

Our client’s proactive approach in securing high-quality links from us prior to the comprehensive campaign had already set a strong foundation. This strategic move facilitated a smoother transition into more intensive SEO efforts.

A Glimpse into a Monthly SEO Campaign

To illustrate the scope and structure of our typical monthly SEO campaigns, let’s consider the following components that were tailored for this particular case:

  • 2 Large Diversity Links: Aimed at broadening the backlink profile and enhancing site authority.
  • 6 DA10 Guest Posts: Targeting sites with a Domain Authority (DA) of 10 to build up foundational links.
  • 6 DA20 Guest Posts: Medium-level authority links to support steady growth in site visibility.
  • 2 DA30 Guest Posts: Higher authority links to significantly boost credibility and search engine trust.
  • 2 DA40 Guest Posts: Premium links from highly authoritative sites for maximum impact.

Maintaining Anchor Text Diversity

A critical aspect of our link-building strategy was the careful selection of anchor text. We prioritised natural, benign, and strategically identified “easy wins” LSI keywords for anchor text to ensure a diversified and organic link profile. This approach not only aids in avoiding penalties from search engines but also strengthens the overall effectiveness of the SEO campaign, driving more targeted traffic and enhancing the site’s visibility and authority in its niche.

Highlighting the SEO Campaign’s Success

Achieving Remarkable Growth

The outcome of our meticulously planned and executed SEO campaign has been nothing short of extraordinary. We’ve observed consistent, month-over-month increases in rankings, underscoring the efficacy of our strategic efforts.

Top Rankings and Valuable Traffic

The website has ascended to top positions for highly competitive keywords, marking a significant milestone in its digital presence. This elevated ranking has translated into an impressive estimated traffic value of £7,500 per month, showcasing the tangible benefits of high search engine visibility.

Travel and Tourism SEO Case Study Traffic Cost

Synergy Between Content and Links

The sustained success of the SEO strategy highlights the importance of a balanced approach that includes both consistent content creation and strategic link building. In this scenario, the client’s capable content team played a pivotal role, enabling us to concentrate our expertise on securing high-quality backlinks. This collaboration exemplifies the adaptability of our Managed SEO, which is designed to be flexible and tailored to meet the unique needs and strengths of each client.

Flexibility of the Managed SEO

One of the hallmark advantages of our Managed SEO is its adaptability. It allows us to customise our approach based on the specific circumstances and resources of each client. This means that whether you have an in-house content team or need comprehensive support, our package can be adjusted to ensure the best possible outcomes for your site’s SEO performance.


Anton Psak


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