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Local SEO Case Study

For this local SEO case study was used one of the latest projects, I was working on with my team. If you have any further questions about the project or you would like to have a consultation about your project, feel free get in touch.

The Client

uPVC is a local company based in Warrington that provides uPVC renovation services. uPVC renovations services are provided in Warrington and 12 more local cities and towns. uPVC has been offering its wide range of services for over 10 years.

uPVC ambition is to achieve the growth of its brand regardless of the success they have enjoyed over the years. They wanted to accomplish this through the creation of a more robust local online presence, thereby leading to the expansion of their client base.

The Brief

uPVC contacted us to help them with the growth of their local online presence. They wanted to rank better in search engine results. Their goal was to boost uPVC’s overall organic traffic. This, in turn, would translate to more leads to their business.

The Solution

We started by having a conversation on the short and long term goals that uPVC had. This helped us get an idea of what uPVC expected from the digital marketing activities that they had in mind. This helps us to come up with the best techniques and marketing tactics in local SEO that needed to be executed.

An extensive SEO audit was the first step that we carried out. Executing SEO audit, we made sure we assess the state of their website’s SEO health. We were able to determine and tailor local SEO plan to deal with the issues. The result of the audit was based on these three segments:

  • Technical SEO
  • On-Page SEO
  • Off-Page SEO

Technical SEO

The work that we put in for uPVC on a technical SEO aspect focused on various components, including:

  • Website speed enhancement
  • 301 redirects execution
  • 404 pages (only tricky in the event of link equity)
  • Mending XML sitemap problems amongst others
  • Broken links
  • 302 redirects
  • Redirect chains

Technical SEO is a foundation of any SEO strategy. Technical SEO is usually disregarded, yet it is of extreme importance in making sure you have an ideal SEO basis for your website in place. This is crucial for high rankings in SERP (Search Engine Results Page).

For example, if search engine crawlers aren’t able to get around the website, then one of the issues that you may be facing is your site may end up not ranking well. Even worse, your site may entirely not rank.

The client didn’t get troubled by any of these problems once we were done with the audit.
It took around a second for their website to load
The installation of their SSL certificate was done in the right manner
Their website became mobile-friendly
The design of their website became clean and modern

On-Page SEO

Conducting an on-page local SEO audit was the next course of action. We researched new keywords through this process. This helped us to centre the website around local search terms for city and town.

For search engines to clearly comprehend the page’s content, we ensured that a solid header structure was put in place with top page copy. This also made search engines get a grasp of what the website was formed of contextually. This, in turn, made it easier for search engines to improve local SERP (Search Engine Results Page) positions through better keyword rankings.

We also concluded other on-page SEO tasks, including:

  • Developing an optimised on-page copy
  • Focusing on the improvement of meta descriptions and meta titles coinciding with fresh localised keyword research
  • Image alt tags optimisation
  • For best SEO practices and usability, we restructured URLs
  • Improved ineffective internal linking
  • Implementation of the proper header tag use on the entire site
  • Thin content
  • Duplicate content

Off-Page SEO

Eventually, we conducted off-page SEO activities. Audits of the backlink profile for the client and their competitors were included in this step. We did this to find weak links and explore outreach possibilities. The aim of SEO outreach is to increase organic visibility. This improvement reflects an increase in ranking in search engines like Google.

We managed to increase numbers of quality backlinks through the use of our outreach service. These links were directed to uPVC’s website. In return, this increased their Domain Authority (DA) and Domain Ranking (DR).

DA and DR are search engine ranking scores developed by MOZ and aHrefs. Both depict the performance of a site in SERPs.

The Outcome

Keyword Rankings Improvement

An increase in the keywords ranking has been improved since we conducted our SEO activities. The SERPs of already ranking keywords, as well as new keywords, increased.

local SEO case study

The first 6 months saw search visibility increase by 803%.

This resulted in a boom in enquiries. Enquiries weren’t just through the website using forms and phone number, but also through Google my business listing.

Drastic fluctuations can be experienced when it comes to keyword rankings. This is more so if your keywords are not on the first page and they have been for some time. For keywords to settle and show up on page 1 consistently, it takes months. Nevertheless, you can attest to the positive increases that have been witnessed since the start of this campaign to the current month.

local SEO

Increased Conversion Numbers

An increase in conversions was derived from the organic traffic increase. Particularly, this was in the form of phone calls. A total of 128 phone calls came in from organic search results.

Higher Number Of Impressions

The impressions that the uPVC website had in search engine results pages increased thanks to the positive effects generated from keyword rankings. This implies that a larger audience interacted with uPVC’s website creating more opportunities for clicks.

SEO case study

Search engine impressions increased by 1394%.

Anton Psak


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