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Who is Anton?

What Sets Me Apart. Interested in my story?

Hello! I’m Anton Psak, the creative mind behind the unique blend of artistry and digital marketing at Vertigo Studio.


Discover My Journey

Holding a Master’s Degree in Fine Arts, my journey transitioned from the canvas to the digital arena, where I blend aesthetic insight with marketing acumen to help businesses thrive online.


Digital Marketing Strategy


Social Media Marketing


Web Design & Development


by hundreds of the world’s most successful businesses

Getting Acquainted


Father, Artist, Founder

I head our creative team, with a wealth of experience in graphic design, branding, and visual storytelling.

Born in Michalovce and now nestled in the heart of the United Kingdom, my path has been a narrative of exploration and mastery, both in the visual and digital domains. My artistic endeavor goes beyond the visual medium, delving into the psychoanalytical and intellectual spheres, which now form the bedrock of my marketing consultancy​.

Vertigo Studio is my boutique marketing agency where the ethos is quality over quantity. I work intimately with no more than ten clients at a time, ensuring a deep understanding of their business needs and delivering personalized, impactful solutions. This approach allows me to foster strong client relationships and ensure optimal outcomes. If embarking on a new client project means parting ways with an existing client, it’s a testament to my commitment to providing undivided attention and excellence to each project.

The blend of artistry and digital marketing expertise sets me apart in a crowded marketplace. My artistic lens enriches marketing strategies, ensuring a unique, effective approach tailored to each client’s unique needs and goals.

In my leisure, I continue to explore the creative realm.

Hubspot Certified

At Vertigo Social, we believe that the perfect blend of skills, analysis, and passion is the key to unlocking success for our clients.

What Our Clients say about us

See What Our Clients Have to Say About Their Experience Working With Us: Testimonials, Reviews, and Success Stories

Juraj M.

Nash Dom CIC

Anton has monitored user behaviour on our website and delivered data-driven improvements with 137% higher conversion.

Celene C.

Home Stager

Delighted with Anton great service!! Highly recommend him, definitely will use his service again.

Benjamin J.

Red Canal

Anton created and executed content marketing strategy for one of our clients and increased referral traffic by110%.

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