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How To Talk About Yourself

To sell something, you have to talk about yourself. Some people find it easy to talk about themselves. However, for others, it is a daunting task. Explaining what you do and how you can help a person you just met is not supposed to be easy. And even if talking about yourself seems natural to you, it does not mean you are doing it well. 

After knowing a little about a potential client and what they do and know their problem, you need to talk about yourself. So, what do you say to your potential client about yourself? There are some mistakes that people make when talking about themselves. I have seen many conversations go wrong when people talk about themselves. 

Three Common Mistakes I Have Seen People Make When Talking About Themselves

1. Spending Too Much Time Talking About Themselves

Some people spend too much time talking about themselves and their business either because they get self-conscious or nervous. However, talking too much about yourself will make the person listening to you feel overwhelmed, confused or bored. 

2. Being Confusing or Muddled About What They Offer

When a person talks too much about themselves, they may end up being confused or muddled about what they offer. This causes them to ramble and fail to specify what they offer and their ability.

3. Failing to Be Passionate About What They Offer

A person who is not passionate about what they offer is dull. Such a person does not show any interest or excitement in what they are offering. The person being talked to may feel passionate about what the other person is offering, but the person offering may not meet them on that level.

Do you make any of the 3 mistakes we just mentioned? I know I have made one or two of them before. Here is what I have done and what I have seen other people do to stay on track when it comes to talking about themselves. 

The Remedies Of Confusing, Overwhelming Or Boring The People You Are Talking To About Yourself

1. Focus on The Problem

If you find yourself talking too much about yourself, it is likely that you are not focusing on the person you are talking to or the problem they are experiencing. It is very important to know whether or not you can solve another person’s problem as this will guide you to know what to say about yourself. 

2. Keep it Snappy

Using few words will enable you to get your point across. Practice explaining what you offer in a few sentences. For instance, here is what I may say when talking to a potential client:

I’m an Anton award-winning artist and marketer. We work with marketing agencies and Fortune 500 companies, but we are also expanding our business in order to serve clients like you.

As you can see, I kept it short and to the point. Only two sentences were enough to tell you about my credentials, what I do, who I work with, and that I can solve your problem. Nothing is confusing, no rambling. It is concise, quick and clear. 

3. Show Passion and Your Personality

Your potential clients should see that you love what you do. Show your personality, agency’s culture or point of view. Your customer needs to know who you are as a business and as a person. Avoid going over the top. Instead, show that you are excited about what you do and would be excited about what the people you are talking to do.

Is Not Easy

Talking about yourself is not easy. However, the good thing is that practice can make perfect and help you talk about yourself better when making a sale.


Anton Psak



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