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How to Leverage Interactive Content for Marketing

Are you looking to boost the online engagement of your brand? Interactive content can assist in rejuvenating your online presence and improve your overall marketing strategy.

Using interactive marketing content helps keep the audience you have engaged and draws more awareness to your brand. Interactive marketing content can assist you to reel in more audience to your sales funnel. It can also help you in boosting your sales, whether you provide a service or product.

If you’re looking for more information on how interactive marketing can be beneficial for your brand, continue reading to learn more.

What is Interactive Content?

The concept behind interactive content is pretty much straightforward: it’s basically the content your audience can engage with. The various types of effective interactive marketing content involve images, calculators, polls, quizzes, interactive videos, surveys, and other identical features.

Here are multiple examples of interactive content you have probably come across around the Internet:

  • A social media opinion survey boosting interaction on that platform
  • Shareable quizzes providing your audience with particular insights about themselves followed by actionable advice
  • Pricing calculators which assist users make a price range estimation like the rate calculators found on real estate websites
  • Social media interactive video or your site that enables users to click through on a CTA
  • An instant quote from a business offering a certain service like the home renovation or insurance

Other than boosting sales, leads, and engagement, various types of interactive marketing content is evergreen – meaning you can use them recurrently. Also, interactive marketing content can be used for:

  • Educating the audience
  • Gathering info concerning your audience
  • Introducing your audience to your strategy, methods, and brand
  • Drawing traffic to your content
  • Bringing viewers to your sales funnel

How Interactive Content Works

When used appropriately in a marketing strategy, interactive content can significantly boost brand awareness and engagement. By creating pieces of content that are catchy, easy to read, and fun to share, your audience will be more inclined to share that content as well.

There are times when interactive marketing content can be shared widely to accrue new followers, particularly in the case of open polls and quizzes. Sometimes it can work within the funnel of a brand or established audience to keep customers or readers engaged.

When compared to static content, interactive marketing content works way better. As a matter of fact, 91% of B2B customers prefer seeing interactive marketing content when browsing or shopping online. Interactive content is active as opposed to passive content that only needs reading and scrolling. This is the reason it generates twice the amount of conversions and number of views too.

In addition to these mind-boggling figures, 96% of BuzzFeed quizzes are finished by users. And a single BuzzFeed boasts a stunning 22 million views. Moreover, BuzzFeed quizzes are an excellent example of widely shareable content, particularly on social media.

Interactive content performs very well in social media posts and websites. Websites host tools like calculators, interactive videos, polls, quizzes, and surveys. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram Stories provide Q&A features and interactive polls.

How To Make Use Of Interactive Marketing Content In Your Strategy

There are a variety of ways to utilise interactive content as part of your marketing strategy. Let’s look into some of the options.

Provide Your Audience Actionable Information They Can Use Immediately

You can utilise interactive marketing content for teaching your audience about your expertise and unique marketing approach. In most instances, it can offer the first breadcrumbs that provide your target audience with actionable insights that reel them into your funnel. This content can provide users with some free information they can employ immediately to better an area of their life or business.

An excellent example is Kaye Putnam’s Brand Personality Quiz. Users looking to get in-depth insights into their brand personality can begin with this free of charge quiz on her website. The quiz results reveal some useful tips into the signature blend of archetypes of a brand, as defined on Kaye’s site. Beyond that, they get to walk away with elaborate info they can utilise to guide their aesthetics and brand voice. They can have their results delivered directly to their inbox, subscribing to additional pointers from the brand if they choose to.

Offer Users a Starting Point with Your Brand 

For most users, interactive content is an entry point to do business with a particular brand. Real estate companies and insurance service providers use online calculators to give a no-cost rate quote. Users start by submitting their info to get a quote, from where they are moved into an engagement with a sales team member to get additional details concerning the service.

Get Important Information Regarding Your Audience

Use surveys and polls to get crucial information regarding what your audience is responsive to and what they are searching for. Surveys are usually easy, quick, and fun to answer. They can bring to light details regarding your audience that can assist guide your content offerings and brand.

Receive More Traction on Social Media 

Shareable and interactive content can make your brand receive massive traction on social media. Interactive content is hugely shareable, especially polls and quizzes.

Please make a point of encouraging your target audience to share this content with their circle of friends. Wherever possible, give social sharing links for your audience to use so that it’s a no-brainer for them.

Add New Members to Your Funnel

A single interactive content piece has the ability to attract new audience members to your content, product, or service. You can design an eye-catching interactive marketing piece or interactive lead magnet.

Wrapping Up

Interactive content works well, attracts awareness, and can ultimately help you grow your audience and make more sales. Furthermore, it’s usually easy and fun to share, so users have higher chances of getting seen.

It’s easy to integrate interactive marketing content into your marketing plan. It can significantly assist you to boost your audience engagement and brand awareness. And the best part is that you can incorporate it into your strategy without making a large investment.

Have you implemented interactive content in your marketing strategy? Are you planning on using interactive content in the near future? If so, tell us more in the comments section – we will be more than happy to hear from you.


Anton Psak


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