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Social media marketing involves employing social media platforms to capture the attention of potential prospects or to gain traffic.

Social media generally is computer and software infrastructure that allows the sharing of information, personal stories and experiences over the internet. Twitter, for instance, is a short character social platform that is designed to facilitate the sharing of short form information and “updates” with other people. On the other hand, Facebook is an advanced social site that has more features and options for sharing videos, detailed stories and events.

What Is The Link Between Search & Social Media Marketing?

If you are interested in being visible to and getting traffic from search engines, why do you need social media? The two go hand in hand.

In most cases, social media brings attention to recent content such as breaking news. “Discovery” is a key search task. Links on social media platforms signal the pages they connect to, improving search rankings for these pages. Also, it is common for people to search social media platforms when looking for specific content. Social connections can determine the relevance of some search queries, either on a social media site or in a traditional search engine.

If you are interested in our services, contact me for details on how our social media marketing services can boost your business.

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