Below, you’ll find frequently asked questions I get from my clients. If you didn’t find the answer here, contact me!


Can you review my website, marketing campaign, etc.?

I would love to! You can book me for 30 minutes of the free consultation, or if you need more complex feedback, you can book me for 2 hours.

How does pricing work?

I charge £125 per hour with a minimum booking for 2 hours. The price cover research, preparation and consultation.

Want to work with me?

I have helped hundreds of companies get more qualified leads – I can do the same for you. You can hire me for consultation, or you can hire my team for digital marketing and social media management.

Digital Marketing

Do you accept all clients?

Unfortunately, I don’t work with clients in the following niches: adult, pharmacy, firearms or anything illegal/unethical.

Who is working on my project?

My team from Vertigo Studio does all work. I do not outsource any part of the process. Members of my team are handpicked highly qualified professional.

I'm not seeing instant results, why?

Digital marketing is a great way to improve your online presence, in some case, it may take 18 months to see the result. For some projects, it may not work at all, but we are able to identify the problem within the first three months.

Please Note:

I do guarantee improvements. However, I will NOT be held responsible for any misuse of our services.

I will NOT be held responsible for any financial gains or losses you may encounter as a result of our services. On some very rare occasion, search engines may drop listings for no apparent or predictable reason.

Didn’t FAQ solve your problem?

If the answers you’re looking for isn’t included in this section, know that there are other ways to get in touch with me to get the information you need.

First, you can contact me through the email. You can also send me a message through social media, and I’ll get back to you the information you seek.